StartBuildHireGrow Here

Your Big Idea.
Our Expert Tools.

Leverage the Power of AI to Start Building Your Business Instantly.


StartBuildHireGrow Here

Your Big Idea.
Our Expert Tools.

Leverage the Power of AI to Start Building Your Business Instantly.

Build Faster

Supercharge your growth with an AI that will have you creating in a fraction of the time

Build Faster

HYVV gives you access to bespoke frameworks backed by the latest in AI to make sure you are building what you want, faster than you could have imagined

Build Better

Unleash the productivity monster to build better products that make better businesses.

Build Better

You’ve never built this good before.  Experience enhanced precision, streamlined processes, catapulted efficiency, and superior results.

Build Together

Collaboration is baked in from the beginning allowing you to work with your entire team

Build Together

Startups aren’t built alone. With HYVV you can instantly assign, manage and collaborate with all of your co-founders

We Are The Startup Secret Weapon

Whatever you're building we help you build it better and faster

Less Steps

More Done

HYVV makes the journey easy by anticipating and mapping the next steps of your startup.

Never wonder what to do next, let our custom build plans guide you to building your biggest and best startup ever.

Built for the Entire Startup Community

Whether you’r a Founder, Freelancer or an Accelerator – HYVV was built to help you grow

HYVV For Startups

Effortless creation

Clear Direction

Imagine a world where the boring stuff is taken care of automatically and you can focus on the parts you love most about being a founder.

  • AI Creation of Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Outreach and other documents tailored specifically to your startup
  • Task lists built to guide you through every phase of building your startup
  • Dream and build in one place with instant access to on-demand labor

HYVV For Freelancers

Reach Founders

Build Relationships

Help the unicorns of tomorrow build and scale today. HYVV offers an freelancer marketplace that puts your services in the direct path of founders creating their startup.

  • Revolutionize Your Workflow with Automated Project Tracking
  • Sell Your Services With Tailor-made Packages or Establish Recurring Subscriptions
  • Join Our Trusted Marketplace – Cultivate Authentic Connections & Build Lasting Relationships

HYVV For Accelerators

Track Progress

Keep Oversight

Launching Soon, we are building a completely new way for accelerators to work with their startups and ensure they are staying on track without getting bogged down with constant updates and reports.

  • Bird’s eye view into accelerator startups
  • Instant reporting and tracking of progress


Sell Your Skills



Per Year

  • Instant Access to Founders

  • Premium Placement

  • Clear Contracts. Clear Deliverables.

  • Secure Payments

  • Custom Service Packages

  • Sell One-time or Subscription Services

  • In-App Management

  • Bid on Open Requests

  • Set Your Own Price

Build Your Startup



Per Month

  • AI Generated Business Plans

  • AI Generated Lean Canvas

  • AI Generated Outreach

  • AI Task Lists

  • Freelancer Marketplace Access

  • Automated Work Contract Creation

  • Manage Co-Founders

  • Team Collaboration

  • Progress Dashboards

Manage Your Accelerator


Contact Us

  • Real-time Updates

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Seamless Integration

  • Scalable Across Cohorts

  • Secure Platform

  • Collaboration Built-In